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For what it's worth ...

When the uranium boom hit Utah fifty years ago I knew several guys who spent considerable time looking with geiger counters for their fortune.  Several brought back some radioactive rocks. A couple had yellow cake, the high radiation kind.  The ones I knew best lived to be in their eighties and the biggest problem with exposure was ruined film in their cameras.  That's spectacular country for photographers.


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> On Jul 16, 2007, at 11:29 AM, Bryan Savage wrote:
> I thought the radioactive stuff in coal was Carbon 14.....??
> Bryan
> Well, you made me wonder -- so I looked it up.  I found this in a
> USGS factsheet:
> "Coal is largely composed of organic matter, but it is the inorganic
> matter in coalminerals and trace elements that have been cited as
> possible causes of health, environmental, and technological problems
> associated with the use of coal. Some trace elements in coal are
> naturally radioactive. These radioactive elements include uranium
> (U), thorium (Th), and their numerous decay products, including
> radium (Ra) and radon (Rn)."
> So there you have it -- there IS uranium in the coal.  I didn't see
> any mention of C14, though. . .  If you want to read more, either
> Google it yourself -- or follow this link:
> http://greenwood.cr.usgs.gov/energy/factshts/163-97/FS-163-97.html
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