[Land-speed] Fw: Ford's Hydrogen 999 racer shooting for fuel cell land speed record > Hybrid News

James Tone gmc6power at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 13 09:04:10 MDT 2007

  That 2%-98% range is scary.  But still that needs to
>be measured against the rapid diffusion rate of the tiny hydrogen molecules.

I have worked with hydrogen cooled generators my entire electrical career which has now spanned over 40 years. I have had the responsibility with the electrical department to gas and degas our hydrogen cooled generators. The lowest pressure I worked with was 5 pounds and the highest 60. Hydrogen is never, I repeat never, allowed to vent to the atmosphere in air accept in small quantites to an area void of any possible sparking or flame. The first H2 generator came to California in 1947 so we have a lot of knowledge on how to work with it.

 Our "safe" practice is to displace the hydrogen in the generators with CO2 gas and then displace the CO2 with air prior to opening them up for maintenance. As long as the percentages are kept between the levels in the above listing they are safe. Generator hydrogen explosions are very nasty. I have never been involved with one but have watched films concerning their destruction capabilities. 

We all have been near pressure containing tanks. Those on this site who gas weld and those who have propane barbeques. All are dangerous but not like H2. I have no idea how a fuel cell exactly works but hydrogen under pressure can be a problem.

I believe these folks will not put anyone at risk. As stated they could not afford the possibility.  Most of us will learn from them and with what the fire experts we have working with our association tell us by watching them can only help us all....JD  

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