[Land-speed] Fw: FW: Fossett Update July 11

Glen Barrett speedtimer at beyondbb.com
Thu Jul 12 19:28:43 MDT 2007

SCTA was there last week doing prep. Say the salt looks good. There is 
always a chance someone can screw it up but we are the first on the salt and 
as always we leave it clean and drug when we are done. I was in Vegas 
yesterday and it was about the heat as here, 107 or so. Should be up in the 
112 range next week. I going to El Mirage this week end to help time the 
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> Jeeze, Glen, is the salt so good that we can't hurt it or is is it so bad 
> nothing we can do will hurt it any more, lol... Have yo been up to check 
> it out? I haven't heard from anyone on the condition as of now. How you 
> doing in the heat? we have cooled back down to our normal temp range of 
> meerly hotter than hell..
> mayf
> Glen Barrett wrote:
>> The courses are laid out and SCTA & USFRA & Bub  all know the locations. 
>> Jon Amo was up there a couple of weeks ago and saw the markers. I don't 
>> think there will be a problem with anyone hurting the salt and where we 
>> run at speed week.
>> Glen
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