[Land-speed] Fw: FW: Fossett Update July 11

drmayf drmayf at mayfco.com
Thu Jul 12 19:04:33 MDT 2007

Sounds like betweens SW and WOS? There is less than a three week window 
there.  Is SCTA providing the timing and race course activities? Man, I 
would want more than 12 miles... Whay do they wan tto test here? Why not 
Black Rock? Longer and safer there, isn't it? But then dirt creates 
rolling resistance... Be nice to be a fly on the wall...

Ed Weldon wrote:

>Sounds like it would be a good idea to minimize human activity in the area
>that Steve Fosset plans to use.  Assuming a location will be known before
>Speedweek, hopefully SCTA/BNI and later USFRA will be in a position to
>minimize that intrusion from curious or even unknowing participants and
>spectators at our events.  If the location is deemed to best be kept secret
>we ought to urge everyone to try to stay reasonable close to our marked
>roads during the course of our events even if it means having to put up with
>traffic or slusshy spots in the salt.  I'd also suggest a bit of effort on
>everyone's part to keep trash, especially big stuff, from getting picked up
>by the wind.
>Ed Weldon
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>>Thanks to Ron for this.

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