[Land-speed] Can anyone confirm this? Not LSR

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He is right.. Most racing boats have twin engines so one prop cancels
the other.. And if a real race boat you need a throttle man as well..If
not like a hydroplane center steer.. BTW racing boats literally fly and
the only thing in the water is the prop..

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Question was why are boat steering wheels on the right side?  This was
the answer posted by one respondent.

Boat propellers turn clockwise, sez Leon, and hulls used to be designed
in such a way that when there was torque on the prop, the right side of
the boat would rise up. So the wheel was put on the right, so the
weight of these "healthy sized" fishermen would counteract that. As
long as they didn't put the beer cooler on the left, which would throw
everything off. This is not a problem with modern hulls, but the design
stuck. Racing boats, however usually have the wheel on the left, like
American cars.
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