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Jim Dincau jdincau at qnet.com
Thu Jul 12 10:41:18 MDT 2007

> Rick you have good fortune. I hope Ford's interest does not cause the 
> "circus" event that many of the others have. By the meager explanation the 
> vehicle is not anything anyone could ever own but shows some potential for 
> someone.
> GM's "joke" (my opinion) with SoCal by building a car, changing the drive 
> train. chopping the top, etc and then saying we have the fastest Cobalt, 
> HHR, etc does not improve an image or impress me at all. I can't buy it so 
> why do it. Sorry my feeling.
> If I had all the money they have I would ask them to bring out an engine 
> in my pickup that was not using the public as a test bench then complain 
> when it doesn't work out.
> With over 500 entries and the circus which happens each time one of these 
> cars leave the line or end up in impounds makes toleration difficult at 
> best for the average guy wanting to run his car. Hey it happens and we 
> know it.
> Publicity is good but if none of these vehicles ever showed up the meet 
> would go on like it always have, no big deal. I hope someone learns 
> something from this.
> Another opinion, Hydogen cars will never work out in mass. Ethanol cars 
> will be another joke as soon as owners find out 15 gallons won't take you 
> anywhere and maintenance cost have yet to be stated.
> OK it's everyones turn to yell at me....JD

Amen JD amen

Jim in Palmdale

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