[Land-speed] EFI lessons

Ed Purinton ecpurinton at wildblue.net
Thu Jul 12 05:17:15 MDT 2007


     Have the car positioned and strapped down to prevent it from moving 
forward BEFORE jacking drive wheels, starting car and dyno rollers, and 
then slowly lowering wheels against spinning rollers to test. We used 
straps from the front of the car running rearward to the floor and a 
floor jack under the rear of the car.  My function was the operation of 
the rear master electrical power switch on the car, either stood well to 
the side or had an escape path planned at all times.  Always the 
possibility of big things happening real fast.  Plan and set up 
accordingly, be careful, and it can be done.  Hope you have a safe and 
successful test.

     Thanks for the EFI tips, very interesting.


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