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Al Teague's are off set just a little, I think Roy Fjasted's was as well.
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> Skip Higginbotham wrote:
>> Now suppose that you run a streamliner with an in-line front end. At 
>> what point in the turn radius do you line up the wheels/tires? And if 
>> the answer is "straight" how does one do that? Straightedge along the 
>> sides of the tires? Which tire is master and which is slave? With any 
>> real accuracy, I don't know where the toe in is on my car.
>> Skip
>> Skip, I have never run inline wheels. But if I ever do change the 
>> liner to inline front tires I  think I would make myself a toe gage. 
>> My first idea would be to measure  off the right side of one of the 
>> wheels and the left side of the other.  These lines should be 
>> paralel.  Now if that didn't handle like I wanted I might think about 
>> a little toe in. With the very small tire patch that we have with the 
>> LSR tires I don't think a little toe would hurt anything.
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