[Land-speed] TOE IN

Skip Higginbotham saltrat at pahrump.com
Mon Jul 9 16:16:16 MDT 2007

Now suppose that you run a streamliner with an in-line front end. At 
what point in the turn radius do you line up the wheels/tires? And if 
the answer is "straight" how does one do that? Straightedge along the 
sides of the tires? Which tire is master and which is slave? With any 
real accuracy, I don't know where the toe in is on my car.

At 07:49 AM 7/8/2007, DougOdom wrote:
> >NASCAR guys have been using this method for years. I started in 
> the 60's. A friend of mine told me the guy in town with a slinement 
> shop said he could not believe it would work. Said to bring the car 
> down and he would aline it for me for free. He put it on his new 
> trick $hit, lazer, megabucks machine and guess what? It was spot 
> on. We rolled it off and reloaded it and it was still right on. 
> After a half hour of drawing pictures and explaning it to him he 
> got it. A straight line is a straight line if its lazer or string pulled tight.
> >
>     It still amazes me that people talk about LSR cars like they are all
>the same. Look at the wheelbase, tread width, rear steer/ front steer,
>straight axle, independent  before you even talk about ackerman.
>Doug Odom in big ditch
> >I've always stated that as a total of 1/8th" toe in...   check this thought
> >out... ( thanks to Dahlgren )
> >
> >Take a jack stand at each outside corner of the car... tie a string to to
> >the back... and then set it so the string is laying on the back tire about
> >mid height...   now tie the other end to the front jack stand ( 
> same side ..
> >Geez)...  and pull the string tight... with it touching the back 
> of the rear
> >tire start to bring the jack stand closer to the front tire... once it just
> >touches the front of the back tire it's straight with the tire... Set it
> >down.... do the same thing on the other side....
> >
> >normally your front track is slightly less then your rear... so if you take
> >one front tire and measure it exactly even... the other wheel should
> >indicate the exact toe in.
> >
> >Man if you followed that you could be a hero...
> >
> >Keith

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