[Land-speed] TOE IN

DougOdom dlodom at charter.net
Sun Jul 8 08:49:26 MDT 2007

>NASCAR guys have been using this method for years. I started in the 60's. A friend of mine told me the guy in town with a slinement shop said he could not believe it would work. Said to bring the car down and he would aline it for me for free. He put it on his new trick $hit, lazer, megabucks machine and guess what? It was spot on. We rolled it off and reloaded it and it was still right on. After a half hour of drawing pictures and explaning it to him he got it. A straight line is a straight line if its lazer or string pulled tight.
    It still amazes me that people talk about LSR cars like they are all 
the same. Look at the wheelbase, tread width, rear steer/ front steer, 
straight axle, independent  before you even talk about ackerman.
Doug Odom in big ditch

>I've always stated that as a total of 1/8th" toe in...   check this thought 
>out... ( thanks to Dahlgren )
>Take a jack stand at each outside corner of the car... tie a string to to 
>the back... and then set it so the string is laying on the back tire about 
>mid height...   now tie the other end to the front jack stand ( same side .. 
>Geez)...  and pull the string tight... with it touching the back of the rear 
>tire start to bring the jack stand closer to the front tire... once it just 
>touches the front of the back tire it's straight with the tire... Set it 
>down.... do the same thing on the other side....
>normally your front track is slightly less then your rear... so if you take 
>one front tire and measure it exactly even... the other wheel should 
>indicate the exact toe in.
>Man if you followed that you could be a hero...

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