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Be  careful putting one tire straight if your front suspention has
ackerman in  the steering. ( the inside front wheel turns more than the
outside front  wheel in a corner. 
Just curious Dave, how does a person set one tire straight and the other  one 
"toed in"? As soon as the car moves forward the tires will stabilize to  
equal toe in on both sides.

Then it  is much safer to set the wheels
so the gap measurement is the same or close  to it on both sudes to get a
more accurate measurment. Normally you would  not need any ackerman in a
race car for LSR as there is no intentional  cornering at anything over 5
or 10 mph..
Why wouldn't anyone want Ackerman in their steering??? Is scrubbing tires  in 
turns becoming vogue?

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