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I've  always stated that as a total of 1/8th" toe in...   check this  thought 
out... ( thanks to Dahlgren )

Take a jack stand at each  outside corner of the car... tie a string to to 
the back... and then set  it so the string is laying on the back tire about 
mid  height...   now tie the other end to the front jack stand ( same  side 
Geez)...  and pull the string tight... with it touching the  back of the rear 
tire start to bring the jack stand closer to the front  tire... once it just 
touches the front of the back tire it's straight with  the tire... Set it 
down.... do the same thing on the other  side....

normally your front track is slightly less then your rear...  so if you take 
one front tire and measure it exactly even... the other  wheel should 
indicate the exact toe in.
How does this technique compensate for tire irregularities and mounting on  
the rim? Using the sides of the tires to set toe in sounds very inaccurate  and 
I have never heard of using this technique, which means nothing.
If the tracks/tire widths aren't the same how can stringing the front and  
rear tires work to come up with toe in? What am I missing?
I and many other racers jack up the front tires, spin each tire and  scribe a 
straight and true line in roughly the middle of each tread. Holding a  flat 
screw driver on edge while held securely against the spinning tire will  work 
as a scribe. Set the car back on the wheels, jump up and down on it, roll  it 
back and forth to get the suspension and steering to "stabilize" and simply  
measure the distance between the front and rear of the tire scribe lines. That's 
 your true toe in regardless of tire/rim irregularities which Dahlgrens 
method  doesn't address. As usual he has a complicated method to perform a very 
easy  task and his method isn't accurate to boot.
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