[Land-speed] Tig welding thoughts...

Ed Weldon 23.weldon at comcast.net
Thu Jul 5 08:18:17 MDT 2007

Hmmmm...... The Zen of TIG welding.
One of those experiences in life that make you seriously wish you had a
third arm.  I suspect some experience with yoga techniques might help.  Lots
of respect here for the "kids" who can put a good TIG weld on the down side
of the tube junctions in a roll cage.

I'm old enough now (as friend, Doug, would say, "older than dirt") that my
hand-eye coordination is not as good as it used to be.
Anyway, as the Miller Econotig sits in the shop used only for stick welding,
I'm seriously considering investing in a Linclon 180C MIG.  The local
welding store is having a sale this month.

By the way, when I was getting new glasses last month the optician was
telling me about how they can make the bifocal lenses special with the close
up reading part at the top of the lens for working close up overhead.

Ed Weldon

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