[Land-speed] Utah weather

Jon Wennerberg jon at infodestruction.com
Fri Dec 14 12:45:08 MST 2007

On Dec 14, 2007, at 2:18 PM, Wester Potter wrote:

   If you keep complaining you'll just get weather reports from Seldom
Seen Slim "That's way up north" Wennerberg giving you snow totals in
Marquette, MI where you'd feel the cold a whole LOT more than you do  
in Washington.


AS this note was coming in I was out in the shop cleaning up Nancy's  
Christmas gift -- that riding snowthrower/lawnmower I talked about  
last week.  I'm rewiring the headlights (ground wire had snapped off)  
and removing the manufacturer's stickers so there's room for "Seldom  
Seen Slim Land Speed Racing" on both sides.  On the top -- the "hood"  
-- of the engine I'll put a nice pin-up of Nancy wearing all of a few  
square inches of clothing and a nice smile.  Maybe I'll let you  
folks, when you're visiting, drive the mower.

Not much snow yet -- maybe two feet, maybe three -- for the entire  
season.  It's been a pretty mellow winter so far.  Tonight it's  
forecast to drop to five or ten below zero, but the winds won't be  
much more than 20 mph.  In one way we've got it better than Glen --  
the real estate guy didn't try to hide the weather from us.

                 Jon Wennerberg
Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing
              Marquette, Michigan
              (that's 'way up north)

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