[Land-speed] Deceleration

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The drag racers have much more development time with their vehicles because 
most are spec cars. This makes it easier to develop the chutes used. They 
also have short shut down areas and need to stop a 300 mph car in the 
distance provided.

Land speed vehicle are a different breed and not many alike in the design. 
The course is a factor as is the speed, the chute design, the tow line 
length. Only a hand full of chute manufactures are trusted and every year 
new cars show up with a swap meet or surplus drag chute that is not suitable 
for the car they are trying to stop.

Diest and Stroud have the most experience in LSR chutes and should be the 
first place a racer looks for information.
I see many chute failures each season and several that are not suitable for 
the vehicle they are trying to stop, usually the chute lifts the car off the 
ground, or has a short tow line and the chute is in dirty air.etc.

Use common sense and talk to the people with the ability to work with your 

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> I'd like to advance a subject that's not often considered in this  sport,
> namely braking a vehicle.  Basically, is there a formula that  considers 
> speed,
> weight, a drag chute, CD, Tires, etc., and obviously surface to  determine 
> a
> safe distance? Obviously the best answer will be actual  experience on the 
> track
> of choice, but I observed the NHRA shut down areas and  see how fast the 
> Top
> Fuelers and Funnies stop, considering their speed, but this  has to do 
> with
> BHP available, I'd assume.
> Mayf, single syllable words, please.
> Bob W
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