[Land-speed] Deceleration

John Burk joyseydevil at comcast.net
Mon Dec 3 23:34:57 MST 2007


If you know the Cd and the square ft. of the chute standard the formula for 
drag :

(Cd x .002 [air density at Bonneville] x ft/sec squared  x sq. ft. x .5) 
tells you the drag at any given speed

 Adding the drag of the car and dividing by the car wt gives the Gs .

I'm shure Bob Stroud knows the sq ft and Cd of all his chuted off the top of 
his head .

> I'd like to advance a subject that's not often considered in this  sport,
> namely braking a vehicle.  Basically, is there a formula that  considers 
> speed,
> weight, a drag chute, CD, Tires, etc., and obviously surface to  determine 
> a
> safe distance? Obviously the best answer will be actual  experience on the 
> track
> of choice, but I observed the NHRA shut down areas and  see how fast the 
> Top
> Fuelers and Funnies stop, considering their speed, but this  has to do 
> with
> BHP available, I'd assume.
> Mayf, single syllable words, please.
> Bob W

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