[Land-speed] non LSR What I want for Christmas.

TOM M SHANNON saltfevr at q.com
Sun Dec 2 17:06:00 MST 2007

All Right Wester;

Just 'cause BYU beat the Runnin' Utes 2 nd year in a row, now your on Santa's
good side!
Shoot, out here in the Magna hinterlands, we're just thankful Ole Saint Nick
brings us more salt pellets for the water softener and some coal pellets. Can
I exchange our Sams Club membership? Now I know why Costco paid 8million to
have a local elem. school moved.(Badwater)Tom ShannonMagna, Utah> From:
wester6935 at comcast.net> To: land-speed at autox.team.net> Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007
23:51:08 -0700> Subject: [Land-speed] non LSR What I want for Christmas.> >
PLEASE Santa!> > I've really been very good!> > I can pick it up at the
factory!> > Wes> > >
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