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If the previous cover plates fit and the door did too, you should not have
to adjust the door to get the cover plates to fit. When I installed new
cover plates I recall trimming them at the edges against the sill and B
pillar and also trimming them where they fit together at the 90 degree
corner. I also had to enlarge the holes for the strike plate although there
is not a lot of margin to do that. If you still want to adjust the door
hinges, it is not likely possible if the car has not been restored and the
hinges have not been loosened at the A pillar before. The nuts attaching the
hinges to the pillar are likely to be rusted.


This presumes the plates are properly formed to begin with and the sill and
B pillar are correct too.




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Healey 3000, BT7 MkII.


So, I put new new “Cover plates”, item 27 & new furflex into my 3000. The
passenger side door became a rotten fit. Yes, it closed but there was a big

At first, I blamed the new furflex but that was another red herring.
Actually, it was the “Cover plate” which was a lousy fit. Looked good, but
the holes for the door “Striker”, item 31, were too small and did not allow
for the striker to be adjusted inwards.

Now, I got some aluminium sheet on order from which I will replicate the two
shims as mine are really ropey. But, I notice that, whatever I do/however
good the fit at the top of the door will be, the bottom will still stand
about ¼” further out.

Question:- is there any adjustment to be made via the hinges? Can their
fastenings be loosened off and the hinges tapped inwards?

I am not overly hopeful, but you never know!



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