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 All-unfortunately, due to Jensen shipping bodies in no particular
order, it is basically difficult, if not impossible, to look up a car
without the chassis number plate assigned by Austin. I have all of the
numerical chassis numbers from the 1953-54 production but only about
300 body numbers associated with those cars. 
 I wrote a long explanation of the various Coronet Cream cars I have
on the list, including Alan's 793, chassis#148521 restored by Rich
Chrysler and built 11-26-53. However my email supplier dumped my
draft, and it contained quite a lot of information lost. I will say
that some CC cars carried bodies 1274, 1535, 1611 and 1651 as late as
January 1954. It is possible that the apron that Perry has was from a
CC car based on the paint shown but without the chassis, I am unable
to find it. Needless to say, the car is now NLS(no longer survives)
having landed in Perry parts bin. 
 There are some enthusiasts that "question" the Coronet Cream paint
theme related to the Queen's Coronation, and I am looking further into
that, even though that note has been published in many books there is
still controversary. Some may also believe that the last BJ8 car
finished, painted in Metallic Golden Beige, is a modern day
representation of CC...Hank 

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 Listers and Hank
 Anyone have a listing of the Jenson stamped body numbers with
corresponding build dates. Going through a bunch of body parts, photo
shows the front bumper valance, that might have a connection to the
Coronet creame paint color.

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