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Opps! check that-panel and ignition warning bulbs are the same item-
2.2W #BFS987 on all cars from 100 thru 3000. Also no ground on the
ignition warning only the headlight high beam. Wire from lamp comes
from the voltage regulator terminal D or W and the white wire goes to
your ignition switch center terminal (on). Good contact is essential.
Regards, Hank

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 Simon-if you have good eye sight and a steady hand, CAREFULLY,
slightly open the tabs on the rear of the chrome ring-just a slight
bit-if you move them too much they will break off. Now rotate the ring
to the open slots. Don't let the glass fall out. Carefully lift from
the seal. Remove and clean glass inside-don't bung the needle, but the
little circle you can probably push out from the rear lamp opening-yes
it is just s small piece of acetate or Mylar. Replace the circle with
the blue one-maybe a very small drop of airplane glue on edge if it
tends to fall out-if tight good- if loose it will be laying in the
bottom of the gauge after a few miles. 
 Now rotate the ring back into place and just push the tabs down a
small bit, softly-I use a wood coffee stick-again so you don't break
them off-they are brittle from chroming. Clean the outside of the
glass and replace the rubber "O" ring which is actually a square
rubber to be correct. Best of luck.  
 For the ignition lamp, make sure you have the correct bulb-it is not
the same as the panel bulb-its brighter. Needs a good ground as well.

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	Well, thank you all for your replies. 

	I don’t normally put much stock in the Clausager book, except for
colour pictures. However, I did find this which does help:-“Blah
blah…At the bottom of the speedometer was a high beam warning lamp,
originally red but changed to blue on some export cars from chassis
14171 on the 3000 MarkII”. 

	Now, bearing in mind that the UK calibration people seem to want to
take months to do a speedo, I bought a decent-looking but
non-functional unit from Michael. Hence the speedo came from over the
pond or maybe somewhere even more exotic….Which may relate to the
“some exports” bit?? 

	One last question, actually two:- 

	* How easy is to get the little lamp thing out of the dial so that I
can swap my red for blue?
 	* With regard to my tacho, the red light has always been practically
invisible. I’m pretty sure that, back in the dim distant past (could
be 20+ years), I put a piece of red plastic into an otherwise empty
hole. (100% intact except for the red bit). The guy at
Speedograph-Richfield said that the red was just something cut from a
piece of red acetate. Is that so? Seems hard to imagine how…..

	Any ideas? 


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	Hi Simon: 

	My BT7 tri-carb, which is very close to yours in serial number from
previous conversations, has a blue high beam warning light (red
ignition warning light). I doubt that the UK / European cars were
different – no indication of different speedo / tach part numbers in
the original parts books, but perhaps another UK lister could chime in
here and verify. I suspect that it’s a typo in the Anderson Moment
book. The referral to ‘ratio’ is the number that insures that the
speedo head is is properly matched to the different rear axle ratios
that were used during the 6 cyl production - up to the BJ8, which went
to black instrument faces, and an electronic tach, as Bob indicates. 

	Earl Kagna 

	Victoria, BC 

	BT7, BJ8 

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	We’re looking at a MkII BT7 here………. 

	So, my speedo has just come back from calibration and, comparing it
to the one still in the car I see that the former has a RED “Main
beam warning light” whereas the latter, still in the car, has a BLUE

	The bible, Anderson & Moment, is confused and confusing on the topic.
Page 104:- “……next was the speedometer, with a number on its
face indicating its ratio, and which included a mileage meter,
resettable odometer, and the RED “ignition” (discharging) warning
light……….On the right was the tachometer with a number on the
face indicating the ratio, and incorporating the RED high-beam warning

	Now, unless that all refers to LHD cars, that’s just a muddle.
Doubtless subject to subsequent corrections. 

	However, it leaves me confused as to which colour is correct. 





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