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I am quite sure the thread into the block is straight, not tapered.  The adaptor should screw up hard onto the copper washer.  The thread may be bunged up with crud, so measure the thread on the adaptor and carefully run a tap down the hole in the block.  If it starts cutting metal, I’d stop and figure it out, but I bet it will just clean up the threads and the adaptor will screw in.


Cheers, Mirek


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I would like some clarification about the “Union - oil gauge pipe” before I over tighten and break something. Number 56 in the picture below. The threads going into the block are definitely tapered, however, the Union gets tight before sealing against the washer (No. 57). I don’t want to over tighten and damage the threads as I suspect the threads are not a standard size. I was thinking of using two copper washers and thread sealant.


Any other suggestions?





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