[Healeys] Correct Windscreen Wiper Components

Michael MacLean springer.mike51 at gmail.com
Sat May 21 16:48:03 MDT 2022

OK, the problem is solved for the correct length of tubing that runs from
the wiper motor to the first wheel box.  I had an incorrect wheel box setup
connected to the correct motor for my BN2.  It seems the rack and wheel box
assembly for a BN1 is different in dimensions from the wiper motor to the
first wheel box than it is for the BN2.  The BN2 distance is longer. So,
that problem is solved.  But, solving one problem produces another.  Now
the spiral wound wire that drives the two wheel boxes is too short!  I have
sent to Moss for a replacement.  Moss is smart enough to provide the drive
wire longer than needed so it can be cut to the correct length.  Nothing is
simple on this car.  It doesn't help hat I started with a rolling frame and
a couple of shrouds.  I have had to gather all the parts, drive train, etc
from everywhere.  Most parts between the BN1 and BN2 are interchangeable,
but apparently some are not.  It's been quite an education.
Mike MacLean
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