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Not by a longshot.  Marine cable is thicker in OD than most battery or
welding cable gauge for gauge as the jacketting is heavier and the strands
themselves are heavier as well: the strands are tinned and there are less
of them but they are of larger OD, making for a somewhat increased diameter
for the wire bundle even before the heavier jacketing.  I have marine
battery cables and wire on my car.

Best--Michael Oritt

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> so I decided to replace my long battery cable. I bought what was purported
> to be 4 gauge wire, but it looked kinda thin, so I decided to buy some
> marine grade cable with the starter end crimped. It came as a much bigger
> cable about the size of my thumb in diameter.  I was planning to replace
> all of the p clips with coated ones as it rubbed the insulation off. So am
> I out $100 on a too thick cable?
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