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It is not easy a make any suggestion until we have a better idea of which
wiper system you have.

BN1s have the Lucas CRT wiper motor with the driving inner cables in
flexible outers. They can only park the blades by turning off the power at
the appropriate time

BN2s have a Lucas DR2 motor that has a self-canceling feature. The outer of
the cable runs in solid tubes that are of individual lengths. The main
difference on the BN2 is that a unique mounting bracket for the motor is
welded on the inner body.


On Sat, 14 May 2022 at 21:01, Michael MacLean via Healeys <
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> Trying to install the wiper rack and motor back into the BN2.  I find the
> spindle nearest the wiper motor is just short of the hole in the shroud.
> Not sure if it fit before the shroud was removed and put back on because
> the rack and motor was given to me as a used setup for the 100 complete.
> At least I think it is for a 100.  Anyone tell me what a BN2 wiper motor
> looks like?  The distance between the two spindles is correct.  When I put
> the spindles in place in the two holes in the shroud the rack does not
> reach the wiper motor by 1/4 to 1/2 inch.  I bought a complete new rack
> with spindles from the UK, but the tubing that connects to the wiper motor
> is a straight piece of tubing, not curved like the original one.  I have
> not compared it to the original curved one for length, but I suspect it is
> short also.  Short of trying to make one myself, are there any vendors that
> custom make the tubing in different lengths for the wiper rack?
> Mike MacLean
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