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I went up to Warwick aeons ago to help a friend collect and tow an old Rover. I think we passed the Cinema by coincidence. It was pretty much closed; I suppose they were in the throes of moving out. All I recall about its appearance is that I thought it very strange that they were based in  a cinema!

I went upstairs – I think – to the Parts Dept where there was a guy in a brown warehouse coat. I asked him what parts they had left. “Nothing”, he said, “except this Parts Book and heater control knob”. Both would do for my BT7 so I took them. Last parts from the Cinema!



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Recently the Warwick Records Office had a display of Donald Healey's life in Warwickshire. The photos of the old Cinema were shown.  After Donald Healey sold it, it was eventually torn down-coincidently on the day he died January 15, 1988. Yes, these are now adult apartments.


Today, the Healey Auto company in New York sells Ford Broncos!  Hank 


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