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FWIW, the old Healey (BMC) distributor  in Florida, Ship and Shore Motors on Phillips Point, West Palm Beach, owned by Ed Bussey and Frank Wilson during the 50’s-70’s is long gone and is now a huge multimillion dollar office complex. Just google “Phillips Point West Palm Beach”.  Geoff was a frequent visitor of course as many of the Healey and Sprite Sebring Race cars of the time were prepped there. Geoff loved to fish so I took him out in the ocean several times on the corporate boat, a 36’ Chris-Craft sport fisher aptly named “BMC”.  We had company cars such as Austin Princess, etc.
When BMC went away, Ed was involved with starting Suburu and Excalibur among his many ventures including being a multi engine airplane pilot which his son still does, alberwith a different plane.
Richard C
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Recently the Warwick Records Office had a display of Donald Healey's life in Warwickshire. The photos of the old Cinema were shown.  After Donald Healey sold it, it was eventually torn down-coincidently on the day he died January 15, 1988. Yes, these are now adult apartments.

Today, the Healey Auto company in New York sells Ford Broncos!  Hank


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