[Healeys] Another O/D issue

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Jun 15 21:21:47 MDT 2022

The switch may be pipe thread, but you set its depth with shims (which 
are just fiber washers), part# 134 in this diagram:


The lever on the shift rod (#94) bumps the switch; it only presses 
against the switch, closing its contacts, in 3rd & 4th. Pushing the 
lever to the right pushes the shift rod to the left into the switch. If 
you have a 'shim' under the switch, removing it, or putting a thinner 
one in, should solve the problem (the tip of the switch has limited 
travel, you don't want to jam it into the switch). If not, you'll need a 
new switch (contacts worn, maybe). Least likely, but not impossible, is 
a worn shift rod (they're brass).

On 6/15/2022 7:33 PM, m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca wrote:
> Hi listers, I am finding that my BT7 (i.e. sideshifter) is dropping 
> out of overdrive if I wiggle the shift lever to the left.  This is 
> without doubt opening the contact in the gearbox switch that only 
> permits the O/D to operate in 3^rd and 4^th thus causing the O/D to 
> disengage.  Pushing the lever to the right re-engages it. I do not 
> recall any adjustment on the switch to screw it in further, in fact I 
> think it is a pipe thread and will only go in so far.  I am not sure 
> what part of the shift lever actually bears on the end of the switch 
> to engage it.  The workshop manual is not much help in figuring it 
> out.  Is it the switch or is it what ever it bears on when in 3^rd or 
> 4^th ?   I have not had the g’box cover off to look at it yet but 
> thought I’d ask the list if anyone had encountered this.
> Thoughts and ideas?
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