[Healeys] Another O/D issue

m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca m.g.sharp at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 15 20:33:29 MDT 2022

Hi listers, I am finding that my BT7 (i.e. sideshifter) is dropping out of
overdrive if I wiggle the shift lever to the left.  This is without doubt
opening the contact in the gearbox switch that only permits the O/D to
operate in 3rd and 4th thus causing the O/D to disengage.  Pushing the lever
to the right re-engages it. I do not recall any adjustment on the switch to
screw it in further, in fact I think it is a pipe thread and will only go in
so far.  I am not sure what part of the shift lever actually bears on the
end of the switch to engage it.  The workshop manual is not much help in
figuring it out.  Is it the switch or is it what ever it bears on when in
3rd or 4th?   I have not had the g'box cover off to look at it yet but
thought I'd ask the list if anyone had encountered this.  


Thoughts and ideas?



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