[Healeys] Girling wheel cylinder 303310W

Mark Donaldson ardmorebusiness at xtra.co.nz
Tue Jun 7 19:38:25 MDT 2022

Thank you Bob, and Michael, and Doug.  


Doug found that 17H 4315 cross-referenced to 390333W and was common to Alfa-Romeos.

I also found on Google that 303310W, which is what I have, also fitted Alfas.

Michael has confirmed what the brake slave cylinder fits, and Doug has followed up with confirmation, a different BMC part number 7H 4584, and supersession numbers.


To muddy the water a bit more, two of my three 17H 4315 cartons contain Girling 303310W cylinders.  

The third contains Girling 303300W   So, on the face of it, different BMC and Girling numbers for the same part for our early BN1s, and wire-wheeled BN4s and BN6s.

They are all NOS in perfect condition.  We now know there is supersession, but why?  To me, they all look identical.


Who’d be a parts manager, eh?  😊





Ardmore, NZ





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17H4315 is Girling part number 390333W




Bob Haskell

Austin Healey 3000 BN7/BT7 registrar


On 6/7/22 6:49 AM, Mark Donaldson wrote:


> Listers,


> I need some more help.  What model does this brake slave cylinder come 

> from?


> I have three NOS on the shelf.  They are 1” bore.


> I have always thought they were Hundred, but I cannot find the BMC 

> part number in any of my parts lists – and I’ve mislaid my Girling 

> catalogue, and don’t have a ‘pdf version.


> Cheers


> Mark


> Ardmore, NZ

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