[Healeys] Exhaust systems

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Fri Jun 3 13:36:11 MDT 2022

I bought an entire new stainless system for my BJ8 last spring.
I was determined to start with all new parts after some frustration with my old system.
Since installing the new system,I’ve been struggling with leaks somewhere in front of the two main muffler/silencers…assuming of course that it was the connections there.
Today I decided to stop assuming and found that the welds on the down pipes to the flex pipe were leaking quite noticeably…imagine my chagrin!
I could actually hear it.
I’ve fired off an email to the supplier, so I’ll let you know who they are when I’ve received a reply and heard what they have to say.

All this is to say; it shouldn't be necessary, but if anyone is ordering a new exhaust system, I would quiz them about how carefully the welds are checked…I mean it has to be gas tight or why bother?!

I’ll keep you posted.

Stephen BJ8

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