[Healeys] Rear Wing (Fender) Fasteners

John Spaur jmsdarch at sbcglobal.net
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I suppose you could use a bolt at the lower attachment but my car has the standard fastener. As for the hex versus countersunk screw, it would create a bump in the carpet. No clearance issues that I can think of.




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The rear wings were off my BT7 when I received it so I don’t have an as built reference. I have fitted the rear wings using an AH Spares new fastener kit but ran out of fasteners for the last hole at the bottom of the wing. What type of fastener goes here? Is it a regular nut and bolt or a Speed nut and bolt like the others. Any D washers used at this spot?


Second question. Where the rear wing meets the B post it is fastened with a screw through a 1” x 3 ¼” tapped plate. The service parts lists call for a ¼” x 5/8” flat head (countersunk) screw. Is there a reason this is a flat head screw as opposed to a hex head screw? Will the hex head screw create a clearance issue for future parts?


Thanks… Harold


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