[Healeys] Frame dents

richard mayor boyracer466 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 12:05:49 MST 2022

Michael,  This is the tool for you and I can truthfully say that it works
like a charm.  I designed it a few years ago to pull out some very large
dents in a very dented chassis that I had on my rotisserie.  It worked so
effectively and quickly that I began using it to pull more smaller dents
and then even more smaller dents. I used it on approximately 30 dents and
when I was done the chassis looked almost new.

Here''s how it works. Take a Harbor Fright pitman arm puller and remove the
threaded bolt. Open up the jaws in the puller i.e., make the opening
bigger.  Take a long bolt with a slightly smaller diameter and cut a grove
in one end that will span the ridge/seam in the Healey chassis. Fit a
washer and nut on the other end. Insert into the puller.  With the grooved
end sitting on the chassis seam/ridge lightly tack weld the bolt at 4
places -  2 on each side of the seam.  Do not over weld the 4 points.
Small tack welds are all you need. You want them to break free.

As you tighten the nut on the end of the bolt it will pull up the dented
chassis just beyond the point of being level and the tacks will begin
breaking off.  Clean off the remaining weld material with a sanding disc on
an angle grinder.  If you pulled it up too far you can easily tap it back
down with a body hammer.  If it does not come up high enough - do it again.

The beauty of this tool is that there is no distortion to the chassis seam.


On Sat, Jan 1, 2022 at 8:09 PM Michael Salter via Healeys <
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> The BN2 that I'm restoring has, unfortunately,  been jacked up a couple of
> times with equipment that has dented the bottom of the frame. I  would like
> to correct this.
> I've heard of welding studs on and using a slide hammer and drilling
> hole(s) in the upper surface and using a long punch then welding up the
> holes.
> Anyone know of a better method for this?
> I'm reasonably proficient with a TIG welder.
> M
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