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Thank you everybody for your replies. 


Richard’s advice as to centering the clutch by moving the alignment tool back and forth, up/down seems very sensible and I’ll try that.


I said that I thought the black plastic alignment tool was easier to use than the shaft because, with plastic tool, one can plug the clutch plate to the flywheel then wind on the cover as no part of the tool is wider than the hole in the centre of the cover. With the shaft, one has to put it through cover and clutch plate and then fight the pair up and onto the flywheel. 


Two people found (very!) polite ways of asking if I’d put the clutch plate on backwards. Sadly not; that might have produced an instant cure. I’m way past being offended by such questions. 


Nothing is binding in the spigot bush/pilot bearing. Another instant cure missed.


No slop in the  clutch lever bushings. The slave’s push rod and clevis pin were in a bad way although that had not  -   previously – impinged. I’ve ordered new ones anyhow.


I’ve got the two dowel bolts and used them at 11:00 and 17:30. (Incidentally, I’ve got on file an email, 11 June ’02, of Michael’s in which he makes reference to the importance attached to these bolts as a “tempest in a teapot”. His maths makes perfect sense, as you’d expect, but I’ll be sure to put them in per the book).


I did have a jack under the engine and will again. 


Barring anything new received from you guys, I’ll just have to try again, paying great attention to the plate being centred and the engine/gearbox being at compatible angles.


No attempt today as son-in-law is at work! It is definitely a task where an Arnie-lookalike is extremely useful.





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