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At one stage I had aspirations to build a replica of ONX113 but eventually
decided that it would be more than I would be capable of.
I concluded, after actually examining the original pretty closely that the
windshield was probably from an Austin A30 or A35.
The rear glass however I had no luck finding anything like it in the Austi


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> To all Listers and learned AH  keepers of the obscure.
> I set this out over a year ago but did not get much feedback
> “Looks like a newer version of a 100 Coupe may be in the works, at least
> the data collection and planning stages.
> I know that this question has been asked previously but the answers to the
> question has been kept from most of us. I suspect the reason is to keep
> replica’s of the original from being produced.
> Question: what is the original source of the glass and frames (windscreen,
> back glass and door/sides) Used on the DMH car. Also was a sectioned roof
> panel used or a complete panel fabricated for the car.
> Reason is to start with known sizes of these items to use as a size ( not
> necessarily shape) for the mockup. Without access to the DMH car gathering
> this information would be the next best option.
> Let me know if you are willing to share and what no disclosure forms I
> need to sign! 🤓”
> Perry
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