[Healeys] Healey Coupe

Perry Small healeyguy at aol.com
Fri Sep 10 06:35:17 MDT 2021

To all Listers and learned AH  keepers of the obscure.
I set this out over a year ago but did not get much feedback
“Looks like a newer version of a 100 Coupe may be in the works, at least the data collection and planning stages. 
I know that this question has been asked previously but the answers to the question has been kept from most of us. I suspect the reason is to keep replica’s of the original from being produced. 
Question: what is the original source of the glass and frames (windscreen, back glass and door/sides) Used on the DMH car. Also was a sectioned roof panel used or a complete panel fabricated for the car. 
Reason is to start with known sizes of these items to use as a size ( not necessarily shape) for the mockup. Without access to the DMH car gathering this information would be the next best option. 
Let me know if you are willing to share and what no disclosure forms I need to sign! 🤓”

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