[Healeys] Reverse shifter spring and plunger.

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Oct 18 12:15:25 MDT 2021

Haven't done it myself; but I'll offer my take anyway:

I can't see how you could do it without removing the shift fork, which 
requires removing the gearbox* (although you MAY not need to separate if 
from the O/D). Moss catalog shows the plunger and spring, and a detent 
plunger and spring. I can't tell from (my) photo how the detent plunger 
is retained, but it could be problematic; e.g. it might involve 
drilling. I've never even heard of someone doing this; the photo is my 
gearbox after a rebuild at 205K miles, and the spring and plunger were 
fine. What kind of damage do you see/suspect?

I'd call either, or both, David Nock or/and Tom Monaco and see what they 
say; else if you have a local transmission shop they might be able to 
offer advice.


* there are some critical 'nuances' WRT getting the gearbox back 
together; check back if you decide to tackle this.

On 10/18/2021 8:49 AM, Tom Felts via Healeys wrote:
> BJ8 tranny reverse shifter spring and plunger. If these need 
> replacement, how involved is it to do----any tutorials 
> available---anyone ever done this who can comment?
> Thanks
> tom

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