[Healeys] Fuses

Alex alexmm at roadrunner.com
Mon Oct 18 06:21:21 MDT 2021

In my bench work as a Certified Electronics Technician, I have been 
using, and recommend, spray-can DeOxit for years. Great stuff.

Alex in Maine

1960 BT7, The Blue Mainie

On 10/17/2021 11:06 PM, Bob Spidell wrote:
> CRC makes a couple: 'Electronics Parts Cleaner,' and 'Electric Parts 
> Cleaner.' The latter is suitable for applications like this, but use 
> the former for electronic circuits and cleaning of other 'delicate' 
> stuff. The electrical parts cleaner will remove most paints.
> On 10/17/2021 5:23 PM, richard mayor via Healeys wrote:
>> I don't usually believe in the "miracle in a can" foolishness, 
>> .....BUT.... I am now a believer in the electric cleaner in a spray 
>> can.  There are a couple of different brands.
>> Over the last year and a half I brought back to life the electrical 
>> systems of a '72 Mercedes and a '76 Alfa.  The cars had sat for 20 
>> years and 16 years respectively. Both cars use the European style 
>> ceramic fuses with aluminum exterior strips. I fiddled with ground 
>> connections, fuses connections, etc, etc. with mixed results. There 
>> was light corrosion everywhere. It was very frustrating and difficult 
>> trying to clean so many connections by mechanical means.
>> Then, on the recommendation of an Alfa guy I bought a can of the 
>> 'lectric cleaner and gave it a try.  I was skeptical in the 
>> beginning.  However, switches started switching,  Lights lit up. 
>> Motors started moting.  Fuses started fusing.
>> On some connectors I just backed off the screw enough to loosen and 
>> wiggle the terminals and then sprayed away.  On many connectors I 
>> didn't even do that.
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