[Healeys] Fuses

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Oct 17 21:06:07 MDT 2021

CRC makes a couple: 'Electronics Parts Cleaner,' and 'Electric Parts 
Cleaner.' The latter is suitable for applications like this, but use the 
former for electronic circuits and cleaning of other 'delicate' stuff. 
The electrical parts cleaner will remove most paints.

On 10/17/2021 5:23 PM, richard mayor via Healeys wrote:
> I don't usually believe in the "miracle in a can" foolishness, 
> .....BUT.... I am now a believer in the electric cleaner in a spray 
> can.  There are a couple of different brands.
> Over the last year and a half I brought back to life the electrical 
> systems of a '72 Mercedes and a '76 Alfa.  The cars had sat for 20 
> years and 16 years respectively. Both cars use the European style 
> ceramic fuses with aluminum exterior strips. I fiddled with ground 
> connections, fuses connections, etc, etc. with mixed results. There 
> was light corrosion everywhere. It was very frustrating and difficult 
> trying to clean so many connections by mechanical means.
> Then, on the recommendation of an Alfa guy I bought a can of the 
> 'lectric cleaner and gave it a try.  I was skeptical in the 
> beginning.  However, switches started switching,  Lights lit up. 
> Motors started moting.  Fuses started fusing.
> On some connectors I just backed off the screw enough to loosen and 
> wiggle the terminals and then sprayed away.  On many connectors I 
> didn't even do that.

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