[Healeys] Grose-Jets

Alan Seigrist healey.nut at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 18:15:22 MDT 2021

After all of us discussing Grose Jets for years, I think it really boils
down to the modes of failure for both:

1) Traditional jets typically only have one mode of failure - they kink in
place and freeze open, and fuel flows out the overflow pipes.  This only
happens on startup and if you are paying attention you can stop it with a
tap of the mallot.  This failure doesn’t happen very often but fuel can be
wasted.  The failure is minimized with proper adjustment.  Traditional jets
handle crud in the fuel generally quite well.

2) Grose Jets can fail both closed and open.  They are VERY sensitive to
crud in the fuel and if they fail open, sometimes tapping with a mallot
doesn’t work because something is jammed in the balls.  Grose jets can also
fail closed if the little ball gets stuck.  I’ve had both modes of failure
with them.

In my use experience I haven’t seen much difference between the two, and
having had Grose Jets shut off my fuel in the past I tend to favor the
traditional style, esp when they have the little spring loaded peg and
rubber tip.



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