[Healeys] Strange happenings

Jean Caron vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com
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Did you by any chance remove the float chamber lid  lately? If so perhaps the serrated fiber washer was not reinstalled at the same location and no air can come in causing the car to stall. It will run for a short while than stall if that is the case.

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Sounds like you were visited by “Lucas – The Prince of Darkness”!

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Went for a drive in the BJ8 today. Running along a smooth as silk.  Got a few sputters, then a backfire that smooth.   Shortly after, same situation.  Then it was like someone turned off the key.  She died.  Waited a moment she started.  Smooth for a few seconds, then died.  I found the fuel pump was working and I had fuel to noth carbs. Checked both float bowls, full.  Checked grosse jets, not sticking.  No overflow fro manifold or carbs. Kept the start/shut off and would never continue running.  Called AAA, got towed home.  Any ideas??
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