[Healeys] Strange happenings

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I had the exact same scenario one day in my BJ8-just a few miles down
the road when it backfired-the car had never, ever done that-not even
when cold. I was able to limp back to the garage and upon removing the
floats noticed some "poppy seed" type residue in the bottom of the
bowls. I remembered that on the way back from a car show, I was forced
to top up with ethanol fuel (normally only run clear). The ethanol had
reacted with Sta-bil that I use to stretch the life of stored fuel.
There are two types of Sta-bil: red for clear gas and blue for ethanol
fuels-don't mix them. That may not be Tom's issue, but if it's not the
Prince, then it's something with the fuel. Hank

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	Sounds like you were visited by “Lucas – The Prince of

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	Went for a drive in the BJ8 today. Running along a smooth as silk.
Got a few sputters, then a backfire that smooth. Shortly after, same
situation. Then it was like someone turned off the key. She died.
Waited a moment she started. Smooth for a few seconds, then died. I
found the fuel pump was working and I had fuel to noth carbs. Checked
both float bowls, full. Checked grosse jets, not sticking. No overflow
fro manifold or carbs. Kept the start/shut off and would never
continue running. Called AAA, got towed home. Any ideas?? 


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