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MichaelThe jack I carry with my BJ8 Is a small plastic rectangle card with the letters AAA on it.:):):)Seriously I do carry a basic scissors jack but hope to never use it.  If you find a jack make sure it will fit under the frame's corner when the tire is flat!!!!Keith

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As I continue with the restoration of my BN2 there are some considerations I need to address.  This is not a 100% concours restoration.  I am compromising in a few areas for better functionality and use of the car.  For example, my voltage regulator is converted to positive ground solid state.  In the case of carrying tools, I am not seeking a concours tool kit, to include an original jack.  For those of you that feel the same way, I was wondering what a good modern aftermarket jack would be a good choice.  What jack do you carry with the car?Mike MacLean_______________________________________________
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