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Mon Nov 29 08:44:33 MST 2021

Best way to get a 'quick read' on mixture is to use a ColourTune 'glass' 
spark plug(s). I bought two years ago--for a tri-carb you'd want 
three--and they've paid for themselves over the years (and they keep 
getting more expensive). You can also use the 'piston lifting' method, 
though it's hard to guesstimate a 1/32" lift; the (not so anymore) 
'cheapie' tuning kits--handy for the money--has wire inserts that 
indicate piston lift and the little jet height-setting tool is alone 
worth the price of admission. Or, you can tune 'by ear'--best to 
separate the carbs at the linkages--and confirm by 'reading' the plugs 
and the tailpipes.

My cars--BN2 and BJ8--have always been harder to start the longer 
they've been sitting. Be sure to let the pump fill the carb bowls--and 
make sure it stops--before cranking. It helps some to press the petrol 
pedal to the floor before you pull the choke cable all the way out. 
Double-check your choke mechanisms and settings.


On 11/29/2021 5:34 AM, Michael Salter via Healeys wrote:
> Len, what model are you working on?
> On Mon., Nov. 29, 2021, 7:26 a.m. Leonard Berkowitz via Healeys, 
> <healeys at autox.team.net> wrote:
>     History first. I needed to change the jets in my carbs due to
>     springing a leak in the pipe. Since then I apparently had some
>     dirt in my fuel so I needed to change my fuel filter and clean the
>     float bowls that seems to be OK now . I think I am running rich
>     but I am not sure. Any help with figuring that out  would be
>     appreciated. Biggest problem now is that I am having trouble
>     starting if the car hasn't been run for a while. Never had any
>     problems with starting prior to the leak. Nothing else has been
>     changed other than what I described. Any thoughts would be greatly
>     appreciated.
>     Thanks
>     Len
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