[Healeys] Update on clutch woes

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Mon Nov 29 08:32:14 MST 2021

Last time I replaced a clutch one of the disk springs (dampers?) was 
broken and, yes, this caused some judder.

Glad you got your problems worked-out, Simon. I admire your tenacity.


On 11/29/2021 4:53 AM, m.g.sharp--- via Healeys wrote:
> Simon, so glad the clutch issue is behind you.  You may recall from my 
> clutch saga a few years ago that the replacement parts I received were 
> the issue, although in my case it was the clutch disc.  So I think we 
> must all be wary of replacement clutches – measure everything and 
> compare old to new.  I am told there are companies that will re-face a 
> pressure plate.  Perhaps this is a better option, although on a high 
> mileage item, weakened springs may be an issue.  I have never run 
> across that myself.
> So just get in and drive it!
> Cheers, Mirek
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> I received a lot of help and advice with regard to the clutch problem 
> on my MkII BT7 for which, again, many thanks.
> Here’s where we are:-
> 1) I replaced both master and slave cylinders and even converted the 
> former to having an adjustable push rod which, mercifully, I did not 
> have to use. No change.
> 2) I bled the system more times than I’ve hot dinners, as they say. No 
> change.
> 3) I had the gearbox out and back 3 - or was it 4? – times. Centring 
> that thing to a nanomillimetere if there is such a thing. No change 
> except to blood pressure.
> 4) I had fairly fruitless discussions with the supplier who assured me 
> that “Nothing like this has happened before”. No comment will be 
> issued at this juncture as the lawyers say.
> 5) I gave up on the new kit and decided that the new clutch cover, 
> being 10+mm higher in the centre than the old, was the likely culprit.
> It was indeed the culprit. Restoring the old cover cured the problem 100%.
> 6) I’d only swapped the clutch in the first place because I had to 
> remove the gearbox for an overdrive issue. On inspection the old 
> clutch parts looked pretty good and, while you’re in there…..
> However, new clutch feels better than the old which is good.
> 7) The supplier refunded me in full thus let me keep the plate and 
> bearing for free which was some compensation.
> Lightened flywheel by 14.5% off. Gives a nice feel. Not a huge 
> difference but more responsive. I’m pleased with it.
> The overdrive pressure issue was solved by an uprated accumulator and 
> other related bits.
> You may recall that the pump would not go back in, despite my best 
> efforts? I thought I must be doing something wrong but gave up in the 
> end and drove the OD and box up to OD Spares. Dave put in a new front 
> casing as someone – NOT me – had used some “Plastic Padding” (JB 
> Weld?) in the area at the top of the pump’s travel. I presume to 
> reline a scored bore. Anyhow, somehow or other, that stuff prevented 
> my getting the pump back up the last few mm. So, in effect, that half 
> of the OD has been rebuilt.
> And it works!
> I’d not had the car on the road until yesterday as I’d been waiting 
> for the return of my handbrake from the platers. That’s back in and 
> looks much better than before. I even managed to adjust the handbrake 
> cable as, miraculously, it was all greased and nothing was jammed on 
> the threaded rod.
> What next?
> Simon
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