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Simon, so glad the clutch issue is behind you.  You may recall from my
clutch saga a few years ago that the replacement parts I received were the
issue, although in my case it was the clutch disc.  So I think we must all
be wary of replacement clutches - measure everything and compare old to new.
I am told there are companies that will re-face a pressure plate.  Perhaps
this is a better option, although on a high mileage item, weakened springs
may be an issue.  I have never run across that myself.


So just get in and drive it!


Cheers, Mirek


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I received a lot of help and advice with regard to the clutch problem on my
MkII BT7 for which, again, many thanks.

Here's where we are:-

1) I replaced both master and slave cylinders and even converted the former
to having an adjustable push rod which, mercifully, I did not have to use.
No change.

2) I bled the system more times than I've hot dinners, as they say. No

3) I had the gearbox out and back 3 - or was it 4? - times. Centring that
thing to a nanomillimetere if there is such a thing. No change except to
blood pressure.

4) I had fairly fruitless discussions with the supplier who assured me that
"Nothing like this has happened before". No comment will be issued at this
juncture as the lawyers say.

5) I gave up on the new kit and decided that the new clutch cover, being
10+mm higher in the centre than the old, was the likely culprit.

It was indeed the culprit. Restoring the old cover cured the problem 100%.

6) I'd only swapped the clutch in the first place because I had to remove
the gearbox for an overdrive issue. On inspection the old clutch parts
looked pretty good and, while you're in there...

However, new clutch feels better than the old which is good.

7) The supplier refunded me in full thus let me keep the plate and bearing
for free which was some compensation.


Lightened flywheel by 14.5% off. Gives a nice feel. Not a huge difference
but more responsive. I'm pleased with it.


The overdrive pressure issue was solved by an uprated accumulator and other
related bits.

You may recall that the pump would not go back in, despite my best efforts?
I thought I must be doing something wrong but gave up in the end and drove
the OD and box up to OD Spares. Dave put in a new front casing as someone -
NOT me - had used some "Plastic Padding" (JB Weld?) in the area at the top
of the pump's travel. I presume to reline a scored bore. Anyhow, somehow or
other, that stuff prevented my getting the pump back up the last few mm. So,
in effect, that half of the OD has been rebuilt.

And it works!


I'd not had the car on the road until yesterday as I'd been waiting for the
return of my handbrake from the platers. That's back in and looks much
better than before. I even managed to adjust the handbrake cable as,
miraculously, it was all greased and nothing was jammed on the threaded rod.


What next?




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