[Healeys] Master Cylinder Packing Shims

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Guys-if the pushrod is non-adjustable, packing shims were used. If the
rod is adjustable NO shims are necessary. Early cars had both masters
with fixed rods. BJ8 has one of each-see pic. attached Hank

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	I have two layers (1/8”) of packing shims between the master
cylinder and the firewall and the brake pedal is about 1” below the
clutch pedal. Is the whole idea to keep the brake pedal below the
clutch pedal? 


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	The "packing pieces", or shims, go between the firewall and master
cylinders. They move the master cylinders forward which then moves the
pedal arms forward resulting in the pedal foot pad being lower. This
way you can adjust the clutch and brake pedals to be at the same
height. It does not change the stroke of the master cylinder in any

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	Certainly 4 are shown in my parts book, so suitable for MkIIs. Shaped
and show as a fit between cylinder and bulkhead. 

	Surely the fact there are 4 indicates that they are indeed meant as
some form of adjustment shim. 

	In my drawer of brake and clutch related “useful stuff” there was
an apparently unused brake master cylinder with an adjustable push
rod. The shaft’s rod was threaded and screwed in and out of the
clevis pin end and could be locked with a nut. 

	Perhaps the cheap(er) shims replaced the more expensive cylinder? 

	Adjusting the shaft in situ would be an absolute nightmare for anyone
who wasn’t whippet thin and possessed of short arms with many


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	Who knows what the purpose of the Master Cylinder Packing Piece is?
There are 4 on the brake master cylinder and none on the clutch master
cylinder. As far as I can tell the packing piece would reduce the
distance the push rod can travel into the bore of the master cylinder.
Is there an adjustment for the brake pedal and push rod that you use
these packing pieces to set? 

	The workshop manual specifically mentions “not forgetting to fit
the packing washer first” as part of the brake master cylinder

	Thanks… Harold 

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