[Healeys] Dashboard signal indicator

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Mon May 24 21:29:51 MDT 2021

does the indicator light up when the turn signal lights or does it
light up when the turn signal is off (that is, between flashes)? Since
the indicator doesn't flash, but only goes on, you will have to
observe the indicator and the turn signal light simultaneously during
the first flash cycle to check this.

Why bother?  Well, because if the indicator is in parallel with the
turn signal lights then both should flash of one flashes unless
something strange is happening.  If the indicator runs off of another
terminal on the flasher and it isn't flashing, perhaps the flasher
unit is in an early failure mode and it is time to replace it.

It would be good to stare at the wiring diagram, too, and hope that
your wiring hasn't been 'improved' by someone in the past.  If you can
trust the wiring diagram you can sort things out a lot easier.


On Mon, 24 May 2021 18:31:02 -0700, you wrote:

>RE: BT7 signal issue.
>When I use the signal for a right or left turn, the indicator lights up to a
>bright solid green instead of blinking. It will stay that way for a few
>seconds and then revert to off.
>All lights are functioning. The signals blink right or left and the brake
>lights work. I can hear the flasher working too.
>Any ideas as to what is wrong?
>'62 BT7

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