[Healeys] QuickJack Car Lift

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Sun May 16 18:59:30 MDT 2021

If you lift the car there be sure to first put a block on the shock
tower to protect the rebound rubber from crushing. If you damage it,
you can't replace it without removing the shock, etc! See photo
previously sent. Hank

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 In front, on the frame near the motor mounts. In the rear, just ahead
of the rear axle. You can move the mounts about a foot forward and

On 5/16/2021 9:06 AM, Elton S wrote:
  Bob, Where are your lifting points on your Healey with the
QuickJack? Elton  
 On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 11:09 PM Bob Spidell  wrote:
  As the late Mr. Jobs would say: "One more thing:"

 The QJ has some specific maintenance instructions. All the pivot
points need to be kept lubed--they recommend white lithium grease--but
there are no zerks, just holes in the tubes. I bought a pistol grip
grease gun and a few tubes of WL grease, plus a tapered nozzle to
inject the grease; it's messy and wasteful, but the grease gets where
it needs to be. Also, there is an air cylinder on each to assist
lowering; I noticed when I got my car up on the QJ and put jack stands
under the rear springs and front A-arms to relieve the springs the QL
would not completely lower from fully extended without weight on them.
I think the manual says they are not designed to self-lower until
they're just a few inches off the ground. The air cylinders spec 50psi
with the QJ lowered IIRC (RTFM).


On 5/14/2021 5:55 PM, i erbs via Healeys wrote:
  I have one. My Sprite had no issues with 5k jack Have not put my big
healey on it yet, but I just found my bag or rubber blocks so I can
gsin clearance of the exhaust. Will do so after my 2500 mile rt to

Ira Erbs
 1959 AH 100-6
 1967 MGB
 Milwaukie, OR   
 On Thu, May 13, 2021, 7:56 PM Elton S via Healeys  wrote:
  Fellow Listers, Any of you have a QuickJack car lift? I'd like your
opinion of what you think of it, either the 5000# or the 7000#. Is it
suitable for lifting a Healey? Thanks in advance, Elton  

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