[Healeys] Dimensions

simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com
Fri May 14 08:54:40 MDT 2021

Still looking, albeit in a fairly desultory fashion, for a lift. I saw the
recent correspondence regarding the QuickJack system and that the opinions
were fairly positive.

Assuming that you have a 3000, where do you put the 4 jacking points or can
you go straight on below the chassis? 

I'm told that one should not lift by the sills, which makes sense and that a
"good" point is at the junction of the outriggers to the chassis.

The QuickJack is fairly pricey over here, for what it is, and I'm looking at
other systems. I'd get a 2-poster like a shot but am have very little
overhead clearance. So, scissors are a good option. With that in mind, can
anyone tell me what the distance is between A & B per the attached. It is
supposed to show the distance between the mid-point of the fore and aft

If only the chassis was not so narrow!


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