[Healeys] Vapor lock gas

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... and the vacuum advance is supposed to be disconnected and the port 
on the carb plugged though, in practice I haven't seen it make much 

FWIW, my BJ8 has a fresh rebuilt to stock specs and has 170psi +/- on 
all 6 and doesn't ping on 91-octane gasahol (pretty much all you can get 
in California).


On 5/11/2021 12:55 PM, David P via Healeys wrote:
> ...which begs the question of how many owners run their engines with 
> too much ignition advance. Do you know and when was the last time the 
> distributor was lubed? Asking for a friend... Note: Most Lucas 
> distributors start advancing at 750 RPM, so if the initial is not set 
> there or is above your total may exceed the allowable ... dp
> On 5/11/2021 1:00 PM, BJ8Healeys wrote:
>> Nathan, I'm a little bit late with my response, so I'll just direct 
>> it to you.
>> My two cents' worth:
>> When I and my traveling companions were returning from Conclave 2008 
>> in San Diego and we got to Missouri, we discovered that the highest 
>> octane available there was 91.  After filling up with that, both BJ8s 
>> missed and knocked and chugged until we got into Tennessee and 
>> refilled with 93 octane.
>> Recently, a BJ8 owner called me to say he was in the area (300 miles 
>> from home) and his engine had begun to "click" under acceleration.  
>> He thought it was a timing problem and wanted me to check that.  He 
>> mentioned that he had fueled up with non-ethanol.  Around here, some 
>> stations advertise "non-ethanol" but they neglect to say the octane 
>> was dropped from 93 (with ethanol) to 91 (without). I suggested that 
>> he forget about non-ethanol and go with 93.  After that, during his 
>> return home, he had no more "clicking" problems.
>> Ethanol-laced gas has its own issues (as you might remember from my 
>> Black Hills narrative, I had some aggravating stumbling and missing 
>> as I left home, due to the bad ethanol that had been in the tank too 
>> long), especially if the car isn't used much; but as long as I stick 
>> with 93 octane, at least the engine runs as it should.
>> Cheers!
>> Steve
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>> Thanks for the link to the MV article on ethanol and vapor lock. It 
>> was a good read.
>> Although I'm certain this has been debated (many times) before, 
>> what's the general consensus on octane rating when refueling our cars?
>> I've always used the highest.i can get. But reading that article has 
>> once again made me question my practice.
>> Interested in the list's thoughts...
>> Cheers!
>> Nathan
>> '66 BJ8
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